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It is our goal to bring mental health awareness to the community, as well as, provide effective treatment to our clients. Below you will find a comprehensive list of client groups treated and types of services offered.


Aspen Mental Health Serves:

- Clients that request individual or family therapy

- Organizations requesting mental health educational services

Types of Services

Assessments are provided to clients based upon their age and specific concern.  Some of the assessments that we provide are ADHD assessments, Anxiety and Depression assessments, Parenting Assessments, and Trauma Assessments.  We also work with Psychologists to complete more extensive assessments when it is deemed necessary.  Assessments assist in the confirmation of diagnoses and are a great way to measure progress during therapy.

A diagnosis is a way to put a name on what a client is experiencing. At Aspen, we know the importance of being able to gain understanding of

a particular concern or problem, however, we also understand that

people are more than labels.  We do more than diagnose, we find ways

to make a difference in the lives of others by providing education about

the diagnosis, as well as, professional treatment to decrease or eliminate symptoms.

Treatment Planning
We don't want to waste your time. This is why we collaborate with our clients to determine a treatment plan that will fit each individual need.  Our treatment plans provide an opportunity to establish measurable and achievable goals of treatment and determine approximate treatment times.  Additionally, we work with our clients to decide which treatment model(s) are best suited to achieving goals.

Once the intake is complete and goals have been set, it is time to engage in therapy.  Therapy's structure and experience is largely based upon clients' needs, preferences, and treatment model(s) chosen.  A typical therapy session lasts between 45-60 minutes. 


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